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Jurassic Park Builder Hack

How To Use Jurassic Park Builder Hack

1. Download and extract file
2. Lunch Jurassic Park Builder Hack
3. Connect to your account on Facebook
4. Enter number of resources
5. Press “Start!” button
6. Wait few seconds, close program and open the game
7. Have Fun!

About Jurassic Park Builder Hack

How about a connection with Jurassic Park theme park and the elements perfectly with many well-known city builder game (of the building). It sounds pretty interesting huh? Such a mix can be found only in the Jurassic Park Builder, both on Facebook and Google+, but is also a version for Android and iOS, so what more could you want? It’s like we’re beginning to build a park with dinosaurs, nasty raptors, and even the great Tyrannosaurus rex (but my neighbor went somewhere and like to throw it in there?). But most importantly, to ensure complete safety of visitors.

In Jurassic Park Builder Our task is, as mentioned earlier, the construction and management of Jurassic Park. As you know, the first approach (known film series) did not complete the thought of creators and some animals native of prehistory escaped to freedom. This time, do not make the same mistakes to predecessors, quietly we have to decode the DNA of dinosaurs that produce food for them, collect supplies and feed them regularly, so as not to be too malicious and did not try to flee. For each feeding slowly increase the level of dinosaurs, and thus the more money we are able to collect them. It is also possible to embellish the park throw to him, scenery, buildings, but the roads themselves are important to enable visitors to reach any place and admire species created by us.

Starting your adventure you’ll see in the game a few familiar faces (Dr. Alan Grant, John Hammond and Dr. Ian “spoilsport” Malcom) and it is they who will help you to get to know all the systems governing the gameplay, will give us valuable clues mass of interesting tasks like. In addition, remember that in order to build something we need space and time, although the latter can skip using the premium currency, which is a way for each new level get (in small quantities) for free. Buying new areas practically cleansing of the earth from the jungle, but then often have to clean up grass and small shrubs. The availability insert something like incubators, where the eggs will be waiting to hatch, but when it happens it’s all turns into a cage, like we saw in the movies.

The very development of new species through the discovery of DNA sequences is not an easy task, and even though at the start it goes quite well it later to discover something we need few, if not several attempts to do and the weight of a normal currency (gold coins). But if we fail, we can get new, unique dinosaur egg. I managed to discover Ankylosaurus, baryonyxa and velociraptor.

However, when dinosaurs already are set to include the whole game Jurassic Park Builder begins to discover its standard, boring part for typical production of running the zoo. We collect coins from Our wards, and as I wrote earlier, the higher the level, the more income. Every now and then comes the so-called. “Blue moon” when you will need to answer Code Red (these are phenomena such as storms). But it was not as bad as it seems, it is a good opportunity to collect huge amount of normal currency.

Despite the small amount of dinosaur that we have to discover, but is there any amount that would all satisfied? Probably not, but as we add it all hundreds of decoration, buildings and other trinkets that despite everything there are plenty of things to do. For this we have interesting graphics, animations, and probably true sounds of these long-extinct animals.

Gameplay in Jurassic Park Builder is despite its flaws pretty interesting, based on the solid foundation best known species. But be careful to not to be eaten alive.

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Jurassic Park Builder Hack

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