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Pearls Peril Hack

About Hack

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Screenshot Pearls Peril Hack

Pearls Peril Hack

How To Use Pearls Peril Hack

1. Download and extract file
2. Lunch Pearls Peril Hack
3. Connect to your account on Facebook
4. Enter number of resources
5. Press “Start!” button
6. Wait few seconds, close program and open the game
7. Have Fun!

About Pearls Peril Hack

Pearl’s Peril is a browser game on Facebook for hidden objects directly from the stable of well-known publisher of casual games Wooga (Monster World).

The game beats a head of his rivals incredible graphics, engaging story and interesting prizes, but slow mechanism to unlock new buildings and upgrade them rather not encourage too many players. Pearl’s Peril was written by Steven Elliot Altman, award-winning writer and novelist, your account has been several best sellers. In contrast to other games of the genre hidden object like Hidden Agenda or Hidden Chronicles, today discussed the application also spent part of the gameplay features typical city building games.

You will not see any clocks here, too dispensing time, no progress bars, and our progress is measured only points, the amount of collected coins, cash, prestige and what we have in the backpack. What’s more, new chapters are to be disclosed to play almost every week giving us the same objective, or in other words something that we can look forward. All these extras make it begin to put more and more hope for the proper development of this genre.

The game’s story Pearl’s Peril brings us to the turbulent times, by the year 1930, where we will know a lot of mysterious and dark places. We as players takes on the role of Pearl Wallace, whose piloting plane is not foreign, but also is an outstanding researcher. At the start we get to know the whole story of the main character, previously lived in New York, where he led a carefree life. But the crash on Wall Street have left their mark throughout the city. He calm quickly passed, when received a telegram informing about the death of his father, to ask for early resumption of the houses. Pearl hurriedly packing clothes, but when there is precious diary of her father. When she reaches already Polynesia situation becomes even stranger. The heroine finds out that her father was murdered. The search for answers …

In the game Pearl’s Peril our main aim is to solve the mystery of his father’s death. To unravel this riddle we must be prepared to overcome water and fire, and even wander the world in search of further clues. HOG game fans will certainly be pleased, but the same part of the search for objects is no different from the mechanisms that have prepared in advance for us to other companies. Entering the particular scene requires from us to find a missing numerous items, we have them all listed on the list at the bottom of the screen. As soon as possible to find the items will bring an added bonus, and this will allow us to gain even more points. If you do not we can make out that we can use, for example, a magnifying glass, but we can not use it several times. But I admit that such a boost is extremely useful. Similar help we can have up to five units to the scene. We also take care of the execution of specific tasks. After their successful get some different results, making up finally on final evaluation: basic, bonus time bonus for hints and assessment of accuracy. As a reward we get coins and some useful materials.

Now you can write a bit about the elements of city building at Pearl’s Peril, which Wooga is intended to surprise fans of hidden object games and attract them to play. I’m not saying it’s a bad idea, totaling no one on it had not rushed, so the glory of developers for ingenuity. But for the execution should get his stick on the head. For what is a good idea without good implementation? Plain hopeless additive that can adversely affect the whole. Sometimes, you have to expect to complete construction after 24 hours, which can effectively kill all enthusiasm for the game. But on the other hand, such a system give a lot of choices when it comes to selling players Premium currency, which could significantly reduce our expectations. Of course, if you do not want to pay, you can repeat scenes at the expense of energy data, but I’ll tell you frankly that is her so little that long without paying itself does not play a game, but always we can so Earn coins and materials.

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Pearls Peril Hack

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