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The Sims FreePlay Hack

About Hack

The Sims FreePlay Hack that 100% working! Program generate unlimited simoleons and lifestyle points. Don’t be afraid and download that 100% working hack – no virus (program was scanned 5 popular antivirus programs). With rapid server in the UK can download our hack in seconds! Just click the “Download” button below and enjoy the working hack! Before the first operation must be connected phone or tablet into a USB or Bluetooth input. The Sims FreePlay Hack will allow you to save a lot of money.

The Sims FreePlay Hack Features

– Adding Simoleons
– Adding Lifestyle Points
– Safe and Undetectable (100% Guaranteed)
– No ROOT or JAILBREAK required
– Works on all android and iOS devices
– Automatic updates

Screenshot The Sims FreePlay Hack

The Sims FreePlay Hack

How To Use The Sims FreePlay Hack

1. Download and extract file
2. Lunch The Sims FreePlay Hack
3. Connect your iOS or Android device (using USB or Bluetooth)
4. Enter number of resources
5. Press “Go!” button
6. Wait few seconds, close program and open the game
7. Have Fun!

About The Sims FreePlay Hack

The Sims FreePlay is already the second free title dedicated to Sims. Previously, we were able to play for free on Facebook (The Sims Social), now we get a fully functional, extensive game for Android and iOS. Fans of the series probably just the fact that once again they will see their favorite characters – which, however, could encourage other players to reach for this production?

The standard for Sims, our task is to ensure the good health and well-being of inhabitants of the virtual world. The Sims FreePlay allows you to create up to 16 characters, living in the small town of Sims – we have to feed them, take care of hygiene, entertain and permit adequate professional development. In addition, of course, the whole provide a roof over his head, building and arranging their cottages.

Compared to PCs The Sims mobile version introduced several significant changes. Firstly, the game takes place in real time. What that means for us? For example, that if we tell Sim to go to sleep for a few hours, it will politely actually lay in bed by this time. Similarly, all other operations carried out virtually will last a specific number of minutes or hours. Such a system, although the original, in the long run it is tiring. The second important change is complete incapacitation our heroes – without our intervention Sims will suffer from hunger, lack of sleep or dirt, which could be rather sorry end … When I left their wards on over night without a care, when you start playing, I found them in puddles of piss and słaniających up from hunger and lack of sleep. What effect would be on such a week? I did not dare to check … As I mentioned, The Sims FreePlay is available completely free – but you can buy more Simoleans (the currency used in lights Sims), which allows for faster acquisition of new items for our clients. If you do not want to spend the cash, we have to pay a much slower gaining funds for meeting the needs of Sims. However, it actually can play for free.

By downloading the application, probably you will notice a message saying the need for continuous Internet connection during the game. This is not entirely true – the connection is required when visiting a virtual store. Fortunately, there is a way to trick the game and run it so as not wasting valuable data transfer. The Sims FreePlay at startup checks for the presence of an Internet connection, but not the ability to download data! It is sufficient to apply an application firewall or in the system settings to prevent application access to data connections (such opportunity is an example. MIUI Android).

Starting fun, I had very serious concerns about control – after all smartphone screen is much smaller than a computer monitor, and for that we have no keyboard or mouse. The fears proved groundless – Electronic Arts perfectly solved this problem by creating a simple, intuitive and acting without mistakes system, to this very similar to that known from the original. Number of icons on the screen current is limited to the minimum necessary, additional options appear when you point the subject, characters or one of the function icons. Also, switching between characters is intuitive and fast. You can see the enormous progress compared with at least SimCity Deluxe. The Sims FreePlay look and sound like racial, known for The Sims PC screen. The graphics are polished, and very smooth animations. Soundtrack also uses all the solutions known from earlier versions of the game.

As for the play, this is not the way to draw attention to some snag – so all our actions, for good cause, they bring the same effect. Sim can sleep seven hours or lie down for a short nap, and will be equally happy, and the only difference will be a different amount of experience points. Also the nature of the work does not strike Sims virtually no experience – what counts is that and so earn some extra money. Such simplification is obviously a result of the transfer of fun on a mobile platform and can not be regarded as a defect, it is nevertheless expecting deep gameplay may feel slightly disappointed.

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The Sims FreePlay Hack Proof

The Sims FreePlay Hack

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