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Traffic Racer Hack

About Hack

Traffic Racer Hack that 100% working! Program generate unlimited cash.Don’t be afraid and download that 100% working hack – no virus (program was scanned 5 popular antivirus programs). With rapid server in the UK can download our hack in seconds! Just click the “Download” button below and enjoy the working hack! Before the first operation must be connected phone or tablet into a USB or Bluetooth input. Traffic Racer Hack will allow you to save a lot of money.

Traffic Racer Hack Features

– Adding Cash
– Safe and Undetectable (100% Guaranteed)
– No ROOT or JAILBREAK required
– Works on all android and iOS devices
– Automatic updates

Screenshot Traffic Racer Hack

Traffic Racer Hack

How To Use Traffic Racer Hack

1. Download and extract file
2. Lunch Traffic Racer Hack
3. Connect your iOS or Android device (using USB or Bluetooth)
4. Enter number of resources
5. Press “Go!” button
6. Wait few seconds, close program and open the game
7. Have Fun!

About Traffic Racer Hack

Traffic Racer is a game that the maximal simplification objectives boils down to the bazaar consoles formulas like “1000 1”. We’re going in the car ahead and overtaking other vehicles. In the past, computer games and mobile already experienced such productions, but surprisingly this is especially liked by players – elaborates on, but there is still firmly rooted in the classic arcade games of this type.

When you start immediately you notice that the game is in Polish language. Quickly we go to the races and our eyes will appear modes of play, which we will discuss briefly. Infinite mode played on one-way and two-way street. Always move along the four-lane road, but in the case of bi-directional version, two lanes running in the opposite direction. This of course adds piquancy, because going against the current gain extra points, but oncoming cars suddenly appear and rapidly approaching. The clash with any car ends the game.

Challenge time it is in turn driving in one direction, so that the strictly limited in duration to 100 seconds. In this mode, however, the collision does not mean the end of the game, and only resets our position and velocity, forcing a re-acceleration from scratch. At the end, we can no obligations to ride in any mode in which we can not die or do not collect points.

For the distance traveled are awarded points, but also for several offenses. For every car overtaken millimeters get the extra point, maintaining speeds of over 100 km / h will result in more, and finally counted the time spent on stripes running in the opposite direction.

Points are converted into cash, which we use in the garage. There, you can change the paint, buy new wheels and improved speed, maneuverability or the brakes. Above all, however, we want to buy every once in a newer machine. We begin by reminding the Ford F150 pickup truck, and end up on the Audi RS5. Cars in the game are not licensed, but only stripped of their badges and easily recognize specific models. Developers have prepared for us 22 cars, in addition, models are quite desirable by street ścigantów. Pretty soon we’ll buy a VW Golf IV, VI generation of the Honda Civic and Peugeot 106, and shortly afterwards the Nissan 200SX and the BMW M3 E30. Next is just better because purchasing the VW Scirocco, Dodge Challenger, Toyota Supra, Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X is already famous BMW M3 E92, be in white. Fans acute truck driving may itself also issued with one buy for owners of SUVs provides for the Range Rover.

The Traffic Racer can choose from several control options. We define whether you want to control using on-screen arrows, or by an accelerometer, and whether the car will accelerate automatically, or maybe we would prefer they control everything.

At first I used a method for using accelerometer, but in this case, the game was pretty boring, and at this rather difficult to keep straight direction. A better option is probably to control on-screen buttons, but here we have two choices – analog and 01. For me, the best hand there were two on-screen arrows and automatic gas.

Car models performed quite carefully and look really good, until you want to tune them. Routes in turn are quite monotonous – at the beginning we have access to the suburbs and the desert, when they buy snow route and city at night. We have here a graphics setting options that can be set at the level of normal and high. They differ mainly in the number of effects, but the high quality there is also not particularly demanding for hardware.

In the main menu accompanies pleasant music, like the rest is during the race, where we will hear hip-hop instrumentals. However, the tracks are only a few and get bored quite quickly. Engine sounds do not grab, but each car is in his characteristic manner.

Traffic Racer is a game in the old style, but in a cool, modern twist. It’s a casual game, where in his trouser pocket, the phone waiting for us the whole car garage, in addition ready for tuning and mad driving on a busy highway. In this simple way you can relieve your daily dose of speed, and at the same game to check your reflexes and your ability to make quick decisions under time pressure without endangering other drivers.

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Traffic Racer Hack

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